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Funeral Services


Viewed as a transition from the current life to the next, Buddhist see death not as the end but a new beginning.
Buddhist funeral is simple and dignified, ranging from 3-5 days after death with monk chanting through the
In Nirvana, we offer 3 different packages for Buddhist funerals, mainly 5 days NV Legacy, 5 days NV Supreme and
3 days NV Longevity


Taoism coexisted with Buddhism, thus some families with Taoist traditions have Buddhist influence.
We will see frequent items like candles, lamps, tea, rice and special clothing commonly worn by deceased, symbolizing prosperous offsprings.
In Nirvana, we offer 3 days NV Longevity for Taoism funerals


Treating every person who walk through our doors with the utmost respect,
we offer 3 days NV Grace for Christian or Catholics

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